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And then a Quinn was born

Quinn is born

Here's Quinn and Granny on his second day (which started 65 minutes after he was born). He's about 16 hours old in this photo.

Quinn and Granny

And Granddad & Granny Marcia visited on day 3

Quinn gets a sunbath on day 4

25 Nov 2010 to 16 Dec (Giraffe House outing+ Clare's bday + photos with Bella & Daddy)


30 Aug 2013

Quinn wore underpants for the first time day

28 Jul 2013

Quinn made his first wee in the potty today. We were Skyping James in New Zealand, and chatting to him and Lynn, when I showed them that Quinn didn't have a nappy on and told them we were trying to potty train him...on hearing this Quinn wandered off to the potty to make his first wee in it!

23 Apr 2013

Quinn is getting into first names, and spends time reciting who is who: "Robert is Daddy, Karen is Mommy, my sister is Bella, my brother is Ali"

7 Apr 2013

Quinn was saying to me "Woo", as we worked outside, I couldn't figure out what he was on about. I'd say "moooo like a cow", then he'd close my mouth with his hand to show I was getting it wrong. Eventually he said "swing", and then I remembered, that I would shout "woooooooo" in a fierce voice whilst running under the swing, and that was what he wanted!

Jan 2012

Quinn's first word that he understands is saying "Bye bye", except he says "Daai Daai", and waves his hand.

4 Jan 2012

I was throwing the ball to Quinn, saying "1,2, 3" and then throwing, and for the first time he caught the ball.

2 Nov 2011

Quinnie said Da Da for the first time today. He started saying "De" about a week ago, and we play games where I say De then he says De then I say De. I started encouraging him to say Da Da, and today for the first time he did :)

28 Oct 2011

Quinn has just about learned to walk now. He takes about 2 steps and then he falls down.

7 Aug 2011

Whilst at the Montagu Country Hotel, Quinn ate part of the soap. He was quite teary and wouldn't drink milk, but then I entertained him with a game where he pulled the light switch (one of those drop-down switches) on and off. Eventually he fell asleep whilst playing the game.

1 Jul 2011

Quinn's 5th and 6th teeth have started coming out (now we understand why he was awake most of last night!). The teeth are adjacent to his front top teeth.

29 Jun 2011

Quinn has picked up an ecoli infection on his junk, and was crying unconsolably until we figured out hat it was and started treating it.

Jun 2011

Quinn loves lifting himself up on coffee table to peer over the edge, or lift himself up on whatever arrives. Unfortuanately that means that he falls a lot too, and inevitably hits his head...there's lots of picking him up and comforting him after he hits his head (he especially calms if we take him outside).

26 May 2011

Quinn's top-left tooth started coming out, and he likes making an awful grounding sound with his top and bottom teeth.

18 Apr 2011

Quinn's started taking an interest in my laptop. This morning I got my laptop out and started doing some work in bed. Quinn repeatedly pulled the power point out of the laptop. Perhaps the blue light on it attracted him.

9 Apr 2011

We realised why Quinn had been out of sorts for a couple of days (not sleeping as well, crying more than usual), because we felt his first tooth growing, at the bottom middle right side.

1 Mar 2011

Ouch! Quinn fell off the bed for the first (and hopefully the last) time today. Luckily it was off Bella's "special bed" (onto a wooden floor), which is lower than our bed. But it was very traumatic and he cried for about 10m. Karen phoned the hospital, and they said to look out for vomiting, and reassured her that they don't know a baby which hasn't fallen off a bed.

16 Feb 2011

Quinn spotted himself in the mirror today, and laughed and laughed.

15 Feb 2011

Quinn rolled over all the way for the first time today. He was lying on top of the table in the lounge, when he decided to roll.

10 Feb 2011

Quinn has today become noticably more adept at using his hands. When he breastfeeds, he now holds Karen's shirt. If you put his hands near something (like hair), he holds on to it.

29 Jan 2011

Quinn goes on his first flight today, a Kulula flight from Cape Town to Durban, where we'll be cruising on the MSC Sinfonia to the Portuguese Island & Maputo.

Quinn is really into drinking his milk - slurping and grunting - it's easy to tell when he's drinking.

25 Jan 2011

After 4 or 5 visits to Home Affairs on Cape Town's foreshore, we finally got a temporary passport for Quinn. We initially applied on 1 December 2010, and when we checked in January, they said the photo was either too light or too dark. Eventually we applied for a temporary passport, as we were getting worried that the official passport wouldn't be ready in time for the cruise (we fly Kulula to Durban on the 29th January).

2 Jan 2011

We noticed Quinn had a bit of a dry cough, his first cough.

13 Nov 2010

The Oosthuizens visit.

11 Nov 2010

Real milk arrives (no more colustrum)