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Granny Rita & Gramps Eric visit

8th November 2010
Early beginning & Granny Rita & Gramps Eric visit

Quinn was only 1 hour and 5 minutes old when his second day began. And he wanted to pick up where he'd left off the previous day - suiping! After the midwives had tended to Karen (2 now, because Marianne arrived shortly after Mandi had delivered the baby), she lay on our bed and Quinn got started suckling again....he would remain pretty much glued to Karen't breasts for the next 6 hours.

Daddy, Mommy & Quinn Quinn breastfeeding

In the meantime the midwives, Mandy and Marianne started tending to the more technical side of things - we figured out more or less what time Quinn was born, by looking at times of cellphones calls and thinking through the length of time since those calls that Quinn popped out (quite a contrast with hospitals where they are fanatical about getting the stats right to the T). Quinn was also weighed and his length measured.

Quinn's weight, length and temperature

Here's Mandi, who delivered Quinn - she's wearing my brown jersey and trousers, as hers had got wet when she jumped into the birthing pool. She's from Knysna, and is also a great masseuse.

Marianne Littlejohn, with Quinn. She clearly loves babies - once she got hold of Quinn she didn't want to let him go!

Mandy Marianne

Here's a photo Mandi took:

proud Daddy & Quinn

At about 0230am on the 8th, Mandi and Marianne left, and so just a few hours after Quinn having been born we were left to fend for him (this contrasts with us feeling nervous having to look after Bella after 3 days at the Milnerton Mediclinic). We went to sleep, and a little while later I heard Bella calling me, she had woken up and wanted to come to our bedroom. As she settled into our bed she heard some crying and Bella was startled and said "What's wrong?!". I explained to her that this was her brother crying. In the morning Bella woke up in this position (at this point Quinn still had his mouth firmly wedged on Karen's breast):

Karen, Bella & Quinn

When Bella woke up she was thrilled to see her brother. She touched his hand and said "Look, he's hand's moving". She was quite tentative in touching him, not sure whether she could or not. But by the end of the morning she had even given him a kiss and hug.

Bella, Karen & Quinn

I love this photo of Quinn.

Quinn the Mighty

I then took Bella to school..we were a bit late. After picking her up later, Mandi and Marianne were at home and Mandi kindly volunteered to take some more photos. The midwives also made us some omelettes :)

family photo Bella, Dad & Quinn

Later in the afternoon, Granny and Eric came to visit, and Quinn seemed very comfortable to sleep in Granny's arms.

Granny & Quinn


And to end off Quinn's second day, here's some photos of myself, Bella and Quinn. He was lying next to Bella, and suddenly Bella said, "He must sleep facing me", and twisted his face around. I'm encouraging Bella to project her love for little Quinn in a gentle manner. Here's one of Bella holding Quinn's hand:

Bella holding Quinn's hand

Bella and Quinn