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Quinn has a sun bath

10th November 2010

Here's the Baker girls with Quinn in between them. Bella loves her little brother, loves holding him & hugging him and kissing him.

Bella, Quinn, Karen

I took Quinn outside for a sun bath, to help with the yello jaundice. As I took this photo, he decided it was time for a wee :) And boys weeing is different to girls - it can go in any direction!

Quinn sunbath

I love putting him thumb or finger into Quinn's hand and letting him hold it.

holding Quinn's hand

Mandi popped round to check up on Quinn.

Mandi with Quinn

Mandi weighing Quinn

Here's Mandi weighing Quinn - he didn't like this. He weighed 2.8kg.

weighing Quinn

Karen also got a massage from Mandy to help those glands which had swollen as a result of the milk pushing out.