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Giraffe House + Clare's bday + others

Karen took this photo of Bella, me and Quinn dozing, on the 25th Nov 2010 (so Quinn was 18 days old, and still has a bit of jaundice).

Bella, Daddy, Quinn

On 20 Nov 2010 we took Quinn on his first outing, to the Giraffe House with Bella and her school. To the right of Bella is Matthew and on the right is Sharon, who owns Kids at Home school.

Bella and Kids at Home Friends at Girafffe House

Here's Matthew, Bella and Kynan at Giraffe House.

Bella on bench

Bella hamming it up for the cameras, and looking after Quinn, on the 24th Nov.

Bella and Quinn

Daddy, Bella, Quinn

This is from Clare's bday on the 5th Nov 2010 (see Clare and Vic in the background), at their house in Parklands. I told Chelsea to stick her finger in her nose for the photo, and that's as close as she got (Bella and James are staring at the TV behind me).

Clare's bday

Ferne & Bella eating pizza on my lazyboy chair (16 Dec 2010).

Ferne & Bella