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Cruise on the MSC Melody

Cape Town to Mossel Bay

14 - 17 Jan 2011

Other than a very windy start, we thoroughly enjoyed our cruise from Cape Town on the MSC Melody. It was the first cruise Quinn went on, and Bella's 3rd; and the first we've been on with Mom and Eric. We got a lift with Chelna to the Eastern Mole of the Table Bay Harbour, where the Melody was docked. Due to winds over 60 knots, the previous cruise was delayed, and we boarded 3+3.5 hours late. The Port of Cape Town was closed due to the strong winds, and the Melody eventually left Cape Town at 02h10 in the morning. Mom & Eric got a lift with Clare and they are, braving the VERY strong winds.

Karen & Clare

Here's Mom looking after Quinn in the luggage tent (we took shelter wherever we could...the facilities were a bit lacking).

Granny & Quinn

Karen and Quinn at supper. It was quite a juggling act looking after Quinn and Bella (who took to crawling around under the table), and also eating.


Quinn and Bella having a bath together in our cabin. The yellow ribbon around Bella's arm had her details on it in case she got lost.

Quinn and Bella


Bella being expressive

Bella packed a bunch of hats for the trip.

Bella with hat on

I was chatting to a fellow passenger (didn't catch his name, but I remember him telling me he grew up with Judge Siraj Desai), and he said Quinn should have a photo to show he was on the ship...and he kindly took one.

Me and Quinn

Here's Mom drawing with Bella.

Mom & Bella


Quinn & Eric