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Weekend in Yzerfontein

Dassenview Bed and Breakfast

21 / 22 March 2008

We went for our first "long" car trip with Bella to Yzerfontein for the weekend. She has never been fond of car travel so this was the furthest we had ever attempted. All went relatively well and we arrived for our stay at Dassenview Bed and Breakfast.

We had a lovely room and the breakfast was good, when we eventually got it! The owner's wife was away and the poor girl doing the breakfast was run off her feet. Eventually some of the other guests went into the kitchen to help her cook (as the owner was wadnering around in his dressing gown upstairs). The waitress told us the husband was supposed to help her but clearly he had no intention of doing that!

Here's a little vidoe of Bella playing in the room: click here

Freezing cold sea water does not deter Bella from wanting to go in

Brave Rob goes in with Bella to make sure she isn't knocked over

Whee it's cold!

A nice hot bath to warm us up

Bella does love to bath...

...any time, any place...

... but especially with Daddy

Hmm - new hat for me!

Let's take it over here

What about from this angle? Does it suit me?

It's just my size

Who put the lights out?

Here - take it back

Ok, next item. What's this?

The bathroom

Sitting pretty

The bar area

Going into the lounge / dining area


Fish pond

View from the B&B



Outside seating

The resident parrot

Local law enforcement watching Super 14 on TV

View of 16 mile beach

16 Mile beach

Dassen Island

It was VERY windy

Another foray into the ocean

Hold on to the hat

Ok, time to get out

No - more daddy!

One more dip

Come uppy to Daddy

Friendly labrador

Nice doggy


Where did the dog go?

Asleep in the car on the way home, biltong in the mouth!