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Karen and Bella go to Joburg

Visits with all of Karen's family

19 - 21 January 2008

Rob had to go to India for an unexpected business trip for a week, so Karen decided to visit her parents and sisters whilst he was away. Bella had great fun at Jenny's house with the dogs and with re-arranging the tupperware cupboard to her heart's content! Bella also helped Grampa organise the CDs over the weekend...

Grandy and Grampa have a swimming pool and Bella got very excited anytime she was near it. Unfortunately the weather was very wet and rather cold so swimming wasn't really an option. Bella however cried and cried and wanted to get in the pool, despite the cold. So Karen held her so that she could paddle on the top step and that made Bella VERY happy!
This is a movie clip of Bella playing with Jenny's plastic - click here to download

Fixing up the plastic ware

What was that?

Bella, Jenny and Deedee

Bella chatting to the dogs

Aunty Jenny and Bella

Happy to be in the garden

These dogs are hysterical

Grampa and Bella

Grampa, this one is in the wrong place

Organising the CD rack

Anton's photogenic pose

Heidi and Ant

Yay - in the pool!

Cold water - who cares?

Mommy, let me get in properly!

Karen getting wet

Karen and Bella

Aunty Heidi and Bella

Bella trying to escape!!