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Wally's poetry

20 September 2013. Bella's front-right tooth came out. She was quite excited to get R20 from the tooth fairy.

25 August 2013. Bella lets a rooster eat from her hand for the first time, at Millstone, feeding it some of her pancake.

24 August 2013. Bella calls me excitedly from the lounge to the bedroom to show me that she made the bed for the first time - in fact she made both her bed (which she shares with Quinn) and Karen and my bed (which we share with Ali).

22 April 2013. Bella rode around the circle for the first time, on her bicylce with pedals and training wheels (previously only used push bikes).

20 April 2013. Bella's second tooth fell out - front bottom left. She realised it was out during a school bicycle race (also a first), but we couldn't find. Bella wrote a letter to the tooth fairy, and the next morning the tooth fairy gave her a R10 note.

7 April 2013. Bella's first time on the monkey bars that she does them properly - moving one hand at a time onto the next bar

12 March 2013. This has been a long time coming - Bella's has a tooth fall out for the first time. Her centre-right-bottom tooth. It had been wobbly for quite a while, and this morning when she woke up she pushed on it with her tongue and it fell out.

Nov 2011.

28 Oct 2011. Bella missed school today as she had lice in her hair - the second time she's got it - first time was about 2 weeks ago.

9 Aug 2011. "Daddy, I love you, but your hair is turning a little bit silver" says Bella as she combed my hair this morning.

7 Aug 2011. Bella & I climbed up to the caves above Montagu whilst Karen & Quinn relaxed at the hot springs below, and as we got down a lady who'd watched us from the bottom asked how old Bella was. I said 4, and she said "She's the bravest little girl I have ever seen".  I was thinking it was getting a bit high and we should turn back, but Bella was in such a hurry to get to the top, there was no stopping her. It was quite funny seeing people's reactions as we went down that such a young girl had been up there.

1 Jul 2011. Bella enjoys playing in the hard mud, making rivers with me. We dig dams and dry rivers, release the water in the dam, then break the dam wall to allow the water to flow into the river.

22 Jun 2011. Bella couldn't keep anything down. During the evening she crawled from her special bed into our bed, and I told Karen she felt hot, and seconds later she threw up all over me (mostly olives which she'd picked off her pizza the night before). Later she drank a juice and said she felt like she was going to throw up, so we went to the toilet and she threw up there. I think it's the first time she's made it to the toilet when she's got sick.

13 Jun 2011. Bella, for the first time said what she wants to be when she's older. She said she wants to be a teacher. Then she asked what Daddy wants to be, and I started speaking about a vision for various SEO businesses, and Bella said Daddy can be a Fireman; and Quinn can be a Daddy, and Bella said she wants 4 children (I asked how many girls and how many boys and she said 4 girls and 4 took a bit of explaining that this was actually 8 children in total).

23 Apr 2011. Bella was flicking through my copy of "Feynman's lectures on physics", and started asking me about the pictures of molecules (a photo of carbon burning in air), we had our first physics chat about how everything is made of these tiny particles called atoms, which join together to form molecules. And how water in liquid form has molecules which are close together and slide around each other, but as a gas the molecules move faster and are further apart...including a trip to the kettle to see it in practise.

19 Apr 2011. For the first time, Bella slid down the fireman's pole in our garden, unassisted. She was playing with Teagon and Ally-B, and called us to come outside to watch.

3 Mar 2011. I got my head shaved at a Cansa Shavathon at Old Mutual (number 0), when I got home Bella started crying, and said she didn't like it. Luckily after about an hour she'd warmed to it. Reminded me of when I was at university, I had my head shaved with a razor and the next day Rebecca came over to Woodbridge Island and also started crying.

11 Feb 2011. Bella got an ulcer in her mouth today, for the first time, and it felt sore as she had her soup for supper. We explained to her that if she ate more fruit and vegetables, it would reduce the chances of an ulcer.

28 Jan 2011. Bella has mastered a computer game for the first time. A game called "Purble Place", with a bunch of tiles that you turn over, with 4 leaf clovers on the one side, and you need to match pairs of the pictures on the other.

27 Jan 2011. Today Bella went for her first drumming class at school. When she got home we went to my drum, which was in the garage, and she showed me how she had hearned how to pat pat softly, and drum like an elephant. While this is the first time she had formal classes she's been exposed to it from tiny...when she was only a few months old I used to hold her on my lap, and put the drum in front and drum away, and she'd fall asleep to the rhythmic beat. Later she would want to drum with me, which didn't work too well with so many hands on the drum.

26 Jan 2011. When Bella goes to sleep, she usually informs me that she is "going to sleep in 3 bed tonight". She starts in her Castle Bed, in the middle of the night calls me to take her to a special spare bed we've put at the base of our bed, and then at about 6/7am she climbs into our bed. Well, that's how it usually goes, but last night Bella started at the special spare bed in our room, and then in the middle of the night requested to be taken to her room (first time I can recall it happening that way round).

21 Jan 2011.

At school Bella's friend Toni was crying, and she gave her a hug.

Bella has been clicking for a while on the computer mouse, but today, for the first time, she clicked and dragged.

20 Jan 2011. Bella and I have been taking her hoola hoop into the pool (she got it for Christmas), and she's been swimming through it. Today, for the first time, she swam through it when it was in the deep end of the pool.

17 Jan 2011. Today was the first time that I took Bella and Quinn to the shops, on my own. We went to the Pick 'n Pay at Howard Centre to purchase a double adaptor, and ended up with Scootaloo (a My Little Pony, which brings Bella's collection to 9 of them) and some ice-cream as well :)

11 Jan 2011. Today I had Bella on my shoulders, and was singing "Love me tender, Love me sweet", and she said to me "Dad, did you sing that to Mommy when you got married?"

9 Jan 2011 Bella has developed a shourt loud piercing outcry. When I ask her about it, she says it's a "pretend cry".

7 Jan 2011 Bella was making a lot of noise late at night, and Karen said something to her about it. Bella's reply: "Just calm down, Mommy"

30 Dec 2010 Selina made this gif for Bella

25 Nov 2010 to 16 Dec (Giraffe House outing+ Clare's bday + photos with Quinn)

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