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Day out to Deer Park and the Beach

Vredehoek and Camps Bay

13 July 2008

It was a fairly warm winter's day, so we decided to take Bella to the Deer Park in Vredehoek to play on the jungle gym and slides and so on. (Note that the park is named after the street it is on - it has no deer!) After a great breakfast there, we went on to the beach at Camps Bay, where Bella and her daddy braved the cold waters for a paddle.

On the jungle gym

Ready for action

This is a lot of fun!

Daddy providing a steadying hand

Bella and Rob on the roundabout

Fearless Bella sits on the edge of the roundabout

At the breakfast table


Standing up

Heading down to the water

Nappy, shirt and trousers off

Playing at the edge of the freezing water

Happy smile