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Bella's first pair of shoes

Bought for the winter chill

26 June 2008

Bella isn't walking on her own yet, but she is almost there. I took her out today to play and got some snide remarks from a couple of rude moms about her not having shoes on, (which she doesn't usually as she doesn't like them), so I headed off to the shops and bought her some - ha ha! These ones she loves. I tried them on her in the shop and then she cried when I took them off to pay for them! I put them back on and we had a very SLOW walk home. Tthey are Italian and very well made so at least there was no skimping on the first pair :-)

Trying to stand up in them

I want to look at them not walk in them!

With daddy

A shot of them

From the top

Left side

Right side