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Play date at the Baker household

Pinelands, Cape Town

13 June 2008

We invited Clare and Matthew, Ferne and Camilla, Cheyenne and Caydo and Natalie and Alexander around for tea and play! I think that everyone had a good time. As always, the children had a wonderful time on the trampoline.

Ferne pushing Bella

Bella enjoying the ride

Ferne the expert pusher!


Bella and teddy

Teddy, it was THIS big


Alexander sitting quietly

Clare and Matthew

Mother and son

Alexander having a drink

Ferne on Bella's bike

Is anyone going to push?


Ferne on the trampoline

Ferne, Caydo and Bella

Bella having a break

Camilla and Ferne

Ferne bouncing on her haunches

Bella trying to balance

Arms up

Is it easier if I look in between my legs?

Look at me

Time to rest

A kick of the legs before I get up

Moms and kids

Happy times

Natalie and Alexander