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An afternoon in the playroom

Pinelands, Cape Town

25 May 2008

We spent a quiet afternoon playing with some of the toys in her playroom. Here is a movie of Bella making her lion sound! Click here to play.

Does dolly's arm move like this?

Give teddy a hug

Ah bless!

What's in these draws Mommy?

Ah - gift bags!

Let's get one of these...

...or a lot of them...

In fact let's get all of them out

This is fun!

Is this edible?

Sitting on the upside-down ball pool

And now playing peek-a-boo from underneath it


Have a ball Mommy

I can point my toes...

...and throw balls

Let me just get this one


Great animal book

I'm reading here

What's that?

This sheep looks odd from this angle!