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The Monkey Cage!

World of Birds

18 May 2008

We took Bella to the World of Birds in Hout Bay. The highlight of the day was definitely the monkey cage. The monkeys jump on to you and all over your belongings. They try very hard to get into bags and satchels and pinch anything that is loose! Bella was delighted by the whole spectacle.

After the mokey cage, we went and had a look at the tortoises. They have babies through to big ones and it was another first for Bella seeing them.

Agile monkeys

Good balance!


Trying to get the camera bag open

On the bench

Much frivolity

Monkey trying to get in to the baby bag

Happy Bella

Trying from a different angle

Great fun

What's this?

Let's have a closer look

Ooh - something is coming out of the shell!