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Daddy and Bella playing in the park

Pinelands, Cape Town

24 February 2008

The first two pictures were actually taken on the 16th and marked the first time that Bella caught the ball when Rob threw it to her. We treid in vain to get an action shot!

The 24th was a gorgeous day and so Rob and Karen decided to take Bella to explore the delights of one of the local playgrounds. Unfortunately the area was littered with broken glass and cigarette stubs, so we couldn't put Bella down on the ground. Subsequently, Karen has found another playground closer to the house which is much nicer. Still, on the day, Bella enjoyed all the slides and swings with her Dad.

Smile Bella!

With the ball

Rob and Bella on a high slide

Ready Bella?


On the swing

To and fro

Lots of fun on your own too

Ok, I want to get off now

On the jungle gym

Father and daughter

Rob and Bella