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Bella's First New Year's Party!!

Pinelands, Cape Town

01 January 2008

On New Year's Day we had a braai and invited round some friends and family. Karen ended up socialising with the moms and babies (and taking the photos) and Rob looked after everyone else. The babies and children had fun paddling in the pool and playing on the trampoline.

Bella and Ferne

Blue tastes good

Which one shall we try now?

Thomas comes to play

Ferne Oosthuizen

Thomas Malin

Ferne and Bella

Bella laughing

Thomas and Ferne

Open wide Thomas

How do I fit this in my mouth?


The adult section of the party!



Claudine's hair, Asim, Michael's ear and Rob!



Bare bottoms drying on the trampoline!

Crawling about

Chelsea and Ferne