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Visit to Bella's cousins - the Malins

Parklands, Cape Town

23 December 2007

Rob sometimes takes Bella to play with her cousins on a Sunday, which gives Karen a little break. Bella LOVES seeing other children, so she has lots of fun seeing the Malins. And Chelsea and James enjoy playing with Uncle Rob-bob too, so everyone has a good time :-)

Here are two movies of Bella and Thomas playing. The first one shows Bella looking very pleased with herself when she scores a stacking ring off Thomas!

Movie 1 - Thomas & Bella

Movie 2 - Thomas & Bella

Chelsea, James, Thomas and Bella


Gimme one!

Ah - that's better

Wait - give me that too

Thomas, hand that over

Rob and Bella


On the mokey bars


Thomas and Bella

Thomas has a go on the swing

Happy baba!