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Bella's Blessing

Feathers Lodge, Durbanville

16 December 2007


Since we don't belong to a formal church, we asked Father Harry Wiggett to perform a blessing for Bella, which he kindly agreed to do. It was held at Feathers Lodge in Durbanville, Cape Town. Clare and Victor Faria and Heidi Everett are Bella's new Godparents. This was followed by a scrumptious tea. We think (hope?) much fun was had by all!

When we got home, Bella had fun playing with her Aunty Jenny. Here are some movie clips from this...

Jenny 1

Jenny 2

Jenny 3

Jenny 4


Anton and Lorna at the house

Bella, Daddy, Mommy and Godparents

Bella and the Candle

On the way to Feathers Lodge

On the way to Feathers Lodge


Thomas and Ferne

Thomas and Ferne

Bella and Alexander

Bella and Alexander 2

Bella and Alexander 3

All the babas

Thomas, Ferne, Bella and Alexander

Thomas, Ferne, Bella and Alexander


Yummy cakes



Chelsea and Thomas


Cousins and Uncle Rob-bob

Robert, James, Bella, Thomas and Chelsea


AJ joins the fray - unwillingly!

Much better now Letitia is here!

Bella, Lynn and Thomas

Robert, Bella, Lynn and Thomas


Eric, Granny and Bella


Nice to be with Granny


Having fun at home afterwards with Aunty Jenny


This is SO funny


The guests gathering at the Blessing

Some more guests

The lavish snacks

Babas playing

Jenny, Anton and Heidi

Cutting the cake

Anne, Heidi and Irene

Ferne and Bella

Ferne and Bella

At home with Daddy

Bella and Aunty Jenny

Grandy and Bella

Karen and Father Harry


Rob's Speech

Mom in the kitchen

Karen, Mom, Asim and Claudine


Lorna With Marsha and Allan