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Christmas 2010

25 December 2010

Was up early on Christmas day, while Karen and the kids got some sleep in.

Christmas day started early


Bella got her Christmas hat on, and readied for opening presents.


Bella's favourite present was her My Little Ponies. She'd especially asked for Candy Cotton, but it's not being sold anywhere...luckily I found a second hand one being sold on e-bay.

My  Little Pony

Very exciting opening presents.


Karen & Quinn.

Karen and Quinn

Anton and Heidi at Zewenwacht.

Anton Heidi

Sylvah and Bella enjoying the jumping castle at Zewenwacht (the wine farm where Lynn and Rodney got married).

Bella Sylvah

Candice, with Verity in the background.


Pete and Candice at Zewenwacht, with Jenny and Bella in thebackground.


AJ, Sylvah and Verity playing with the dog. Verity, in particular, loved seeing the dog.


After Zewenwacht, we headed for Clare and Vic's house in Parklands. Here's Marcia and Dad.

Marcia and Dad

James and Rodney, putting together James' remote-controlled car (which Matthew and Thomas also quite liked). This was also a goodbye day to the Malins, as they were heading for a Singapore and New Zealand holiday the next day.

James and Rodney

Thomas and Matthew drumming away on their new drums.



Clare & Vic.

Clare & Vic