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Boxing Day Visitors

Our house - Pinelands

26 December 2007

With all the excitement of Christmas Day, Bella didn't get around to opening her presents from Mommy and Daddy. So we did it on Boxing Day instead. Later in the day, Peter, Letitia and AJ, as well as Marcia and Allan, joined us for a lunchtime braai. It was a lovely afternoon. (Rob did the cooking of the meat - quite funny considering he is vegetarian!!)

Getting ready to open

A little help given

Ooh - nice paper!

Let's take a closer look


What did you say?


Another smile

Look what I got!

Coming over to see you

What is this DVD about?

Hmm - haven't seen this before

And the presie was THIS big

Rob and Bella cooking

Chef at work

Bella and Grandad

Tasty finger

Peter and AJ

Pete, AJ, Letitia and AJ's presie

A VERY tired baba!