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Christmas 2007

Clare and Vic Faria's House

Parklands, Cape Town

On Christmas Day, Bella woke us up at her usual time of about 7 am. We got dressed and then opened some of the presents. As it was Bella's first Christmas, she was (naturally) the star of the show! She wasn't too sure what all the fuss was about, but she did enjoy tearing some of the paper and then playing with the boxes for a while. We later went to Clare and Vic's house for a delightful lunch. Grandad and Marcia even popped in later for a drink and to say happy Christmas.

Bella looking for the way in

With a little help from Mommy

Lovely toys fm Donna & Mike Preston

Daddy assisting with this one

Ooh - what can we see?

Intense concentration required

Pool from Aunty Heidi

Who's opening this one?

What have we here?

The doggy says "woof"

Soft toy from Aunty Jenny

A break for breakfast





Rebecca and Bella

A fairy came to visit

James looking ready for outside

James and Bella get up close

Opening another present

Three cousins

Rebecca demonstrating how the gun works

Another demo

Lynn and Thomas

Clare and Thomas

Chelsea tucking in and James incognito

Good food and the paparazzi!

Rebecca, Clare and Vic

Lynn, Eric, Rita and Rebecca

Granny and Bella

Rodney and Bella

Rodney, Bella and Vic reading the book

Lynn and Thomas

Grandad and Bella

Grandad and Bella

Bella and Thomas

Enjoying lunch