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Rob's 37th Birthday Party

Millstone Cafe, Oude Molen

7th September 2008

As we are going on holiday on Rob's birthday this year, we decided to hold his party a few days before at Millstone Cafe in Oude Molen Eco-Village. Sadly the weather wasn't kind as it was VERY windy and rather cold. However this didn't deter any of the kids and they had a great time playing outside. There is a very sweet video clip of Chelsea playing with Bella. Click here to download and view it.

The cousins playing in the wind

Bella and Chelsea

Running up and down the ramp


Rodney supervising

Eric supervising



I love my new bottle

Lynn, Rita and Robert

Marcia and Allan

Allan, Clare and Vic


Party Members


Ferne and Julian

Julian, Rita, Marcia and Rob

Daddy and duaghter

Clare, Matthew, Lynn and Thomas

Group photo