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Matthew's 1st Birthday

Parklands, Cape Town

8 March 2009

Matthew's first birthday was held at Clare and Vic's house and they certainly did their son proud! What fun was had by all and the food was top notch as always. The children had a great time with 2 rides and a jumping castle to play on and it wasn't just the kids who enjoyed these...

James and AJ on one of the rides


Bella on the other ride

Bella with Letitia in the background

Letitia and Peter

Father and son

Matthew and Vic

Nasty scratches from the car accident

Pilot James

Clare and Cheyenne - it was windy!

Party goers

3 Men and a little Lady

Lynn, Chelsea and Thomas


Time to eat!

Chubby and Clare



Marcia and Allan

Some of Vic's family

Mother and son

Clare and Matthew

Fun on the jumping castle

James and Bella


I'm off - these people are wild!

Bella and the 2 James's

Bella and Chelsea

Matthew taking a turn

Looks like trouble in the background

Hmm - I'm in, but how do I get out?

Tony checking up on the "kids"

I'm STILL stuck

Matthew has a ride with his uncle!


Taking a load off

Chelsea photographing Bella

Bella and her Aunty Clare

Lynn, Thomas and Rob

Allan and Marcia


Rob having a 5 minute break


James and Bella

Rob tossing the kids on to the jumping castle

Rob got a good work out...

and the kids had a ball!

Chelsea waiting her turn

Bella coming round for more

Matthew playing with Granny

Lots of fun


James enjoyed opening the presies too!

The birthday boy

Lots of nice things

James and Chelsea assisting...




Tired after a long day